Membership Benefits

Calling all Entrepreneurs! Here are the benefits of joining SMCCI as a member.



a) The Chamber aims to provide a safe and professional environment for members and non-members to enjoy.

b) We do not tolerate discrimination, disrespectful or threatening behaviour of any type between or towards any individual or organisation engaged with SMCCI.

c) Should any individual or company feel that they have experienced adverse behaviour towards them, they are requested to contact a senior member of staff at SMCCI.


Upon becoming a member of SMCCI, each member shall be bound by the following Code of Conducts and Disciplinary Actions:

a) No member shall bring disgrace, disrepute and embarrassment to any other member by slanderous remarks, action or conduct, thus affecting the member’s reputation as a Chamber Member, Executive Committee Member, or Board Member.

b) No member shall unreasonably criticize the Chamber in any publication and run down the good name of the Chamber. 

c) Every member shall be deemed to be bound and governed by the Constitution of the Chamber, Rules and Regulations or Bye-Laws, Standing Orders or Procedures and any amendments thereof.

d) If any member fails to conform to any of the published Rules, Regulations or Bye-Laws of the Chamber or to any of the provisions of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Chamber or attempts to do anything derogatory or injurious to the dignity or reputation or interests of the Chamber, such member may be expelled from the Chamber.

e) Every member of the Board including office-bearers must participate in the activities of the Chamber and ensure its success and must be agreeable to be the Chairman or Coordinator of Sub-Committees or functions when nominated by the Board.

f) Every member is to act in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of Singapore.

g) Every member is to abide by the SMCCI Memorandum & Articles of Association, in particular as provided for in clause 2.11 and any conflict of interest guidelines or other policies and codes as may be issued or updated from time to time.