Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) was established to elevate the business’ performance of SMCCI's SME members by providing financial advisory support that is aligned to their strategic goals.

The objectives of the IAC are as follows:

  • To provide advisory support on the development of SMCCI and/or its members’ overall investment strategy.
  • To consider and advise strategic, trade and portfolio investments and divestments of the SMCCI and/or its members in accordance with the SMCCI’s policies and directives, and in accordance to its Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • To review and advise changes in the SMCCI Investment Policy (if available) in line with the SMCCI Board’s policies and directives.
  • To review and evaluate any financing offers and banking facilities for SMCCIand/or its members.
  • To advise SMCCI and/or its members on capital expenditure and operational efficiency.
  • To advise on investment and expansion related matters of SMCCI’s members, particularly those that have been identified as having high potential and scalability.
  • To assist, where necessary, in providing relevant networks or assistance to SMCCI’s members in optimizing their investment strategy.


The IAC is led by a team of financial professionals as follows:

i) Chairman – Mr Noor Imam Beck

ii) Vice-Chairman – Mr Basheer Buhari

iii) Member – Mr Hafeez Naim

iv) Member – Mr Walshalafah Bin Salleh

v) Member – Miss Mardiana Abdul Aziz

vi) SMCCI Board of Directors Liaison Officer – Mr Shamir Wahid


Application Window by SMEs

IAC Schedule 2019 – 2021

Application for meeting with IAC

For interested SMEs, kindly download the application form for the meeting with IAC HERE and submit it to Mr Zaki Masturi at