Dear Members,

The business community finds itself in unprecedented times, faced with increasing challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak which has now escalated into a crisis of international proportion. SMCCI urges all our members to be prepared for the long-haul in dealing with this challenge. However, you are not alone, as SMCCI is ready to assist our members and the larger business community during this difficult time.

SMCCI will continue to work in close partnership with the relevant stakeholders to look at all possible avenues of assistance and support that can be given to our members.

As part of our efforts in assisting members, SMCCI has outlined a series of measures are being put in place almost immediately. These include:

i. Forming a taskforce within SMCCI to look into how members can better leverage on the measures from Budget 2020 in assisting your businessess; namely the measures outlined in the “Stabilisation and Support” and “Transformation and Growth” packages

ii. Setting-up an emergency hotline, for members seeking targeted assistance, to contact the secretariat

iii. Conducting a survey of members to identify, in greater detail, how this crisis has impacted their businesses

iv. Organising one-on-one engagement sessions to deep-dive into members’ concerns and expedite engagement with the relevant stakeholders, depending on the concerns raised

v. Directing members to shared resources to meet shortfalls that have caused significant business impact

vi. Enhancing engagement and advocacy by SMCCI, on behalf of its members, to relevant stakeholders such as ESG, WSG, MOM, SFA and MTI with a view of providing greater support and assistance to members

I would finally like to take the opportunity to urge all members to come forward in this effort, so that the chamber, together with the insights on the ground will be able to better work with the relevant stakeholders to provide the necessary support to our businesses.

Thank you.

Farid Khan

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