Imran Mohamad

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Head of Marketing | Rhemaworks International

Imran is the Head of Marketing for Rhemaworks International, an executive coaching company founded by Christine Wong with the mission to transform lives. They help business owners and executives achieve with ease with their tools, methods and expert coaching that gets to the roots of the issue. With their brands, Success & I, and System of the Heart, they have touched more than 30,000 professionals around the world and feature regularly in media including Channel News Asia television, CNA Radio and The Straits Times.

Imran built his career in Sales and Marketing in startups, marketing agencies and ran his own marketing agency for several years. His goal is to help busy professionals achieve their goals without sacrificing themselves, their happiness and their family. In the community he is an active pro-bono speaker with different groups, and sits on the board of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce. His Board duties include chairing the Young Entrepreneur Network and overseeing the ESG-endorsed Protege Kita initiative. He is married to Janny and has two young daughters.

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