Hasan Abdul Rahman

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Director | Pondok Abang

Mr Muhammad Hasan Basri bin Abdul Rahman is the director of Halaal Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd, which owns Pondok Abang—a leading Muslim-owned Halal food manufacturer in Singapore that’s been in business for the past 30 years, and its brands include Lazeez, ABANG by Pondok Abang and Premium Halal Quality.

After taking over the management of Pondok Abang in 2015 from the founder, Mr Abdul Rahman bin Yad Ali, Mr Hasan went on to learn more about expanding the business, so that he could achieve his vision of making Pondok Abang the leading Muslim-managed halal food manufacturer that is listed as a $3 billion organisation by the year 2028.

He looks forward to bringing his experience, expertise, and influence into SMCCI - specifically to support Malay/Muslim F&B businesses in their growth process. He believes that now is the time to capitalise on the upcoming Halal Hub and capture a share of the global Halal market that is worth USD 2.1 trillion.