Farid Khan

Farid Khan - Photo with Coat
Director | Maxsurv Pte. Ltd.

Mr Farid Khan is the Chairman of Bourbon Offshore Asia, Managing Director of Bumi Subsea Asia, CEO of Greenship Holding (since 2013) and the Director of Maxsurv Pte Ltd.

He is a veteran in the Maritime industry with over 40 years of experience. His career kickstarted when he first started sailing with Neptune Orient Lines from 1976 till 1989, but then decided to switch his career path in 1990 and started his tenure as Chief Engineer in an Offshore construction barge company in Indonesia.

In 2005, Mr Farid Khan worked for various shore base companies, holding positions from Tech Manager to General Manager. In 2015, he started a JV company - Bourbon Offshore Asia, in which he has been a Chairman for since 2016. His scope of work encompasses managing group of companies in the Asia Pacific Region, including Russia and Australia. The company is involved in drilling support operations for the oil and gas industries, with notable clients such as Petronas, Pertamina, PTTEP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, Total, Chevron, BHP, Hess, Murphy Oil and many others.