The truthful and trustworthy businessman will be in the company of Prophets, saints and martyrs on the Day of Judgment.

- Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. [Darimi & Tirmidhi]

The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI), was established in 1956 and is an independent non-profit organization. We play a proactive role in representing the interests of the local Malay/Muslim business community.

In line with our mission to nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst local enterprises, SMCCI serves as a platform to create invaluable opportunities for members through regular business missions, conferences, networking sessions and activities to bridge members and the business community to the local and overseas markets. Together with our subsidiary, SME Centre @SMCCI, we advocate strengthening core competencies while increasing knowledge and enhancing internal capabilities to achieve growth and success for their businesses.

A strategic partner of Enterprise Singapore, SME Centre @ SMCCI was established in 2006 as a one-stop centre for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), offering a comprehensive range of advisory and business services including seminars, workshops, one-on-one complimentary business advisory, productivity assessments and more.

SMCCI Organisational Purpose

Our Mission

To nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst Malay/Muslim Enterprises

Our Vision

To be the premier Malay/Muslim Business Institution in Singapore

Our Objectives

  • Safeguard the interests of the Malay/Muslim business community
  • Facilitate and negotiate legislative and other measures affecting trade, commerce and industry
  • Promote, maintain and protect uniformity in the rules and regulations relating to trade, commerce and industry
  • Engage in activities that would benefit the Malay/Muslim business community
  • Foster good relations with other Chambers of Commerce and trade bodies