List of Newly Elected Board of Directors

SMCCI 60th AGM Key Documents
May 21, 2019
August 16, 2019

Top row (from left): Mohamed Nor Ismail (Board Director), Imran Mohamad (Board Director), Saeid Labbafi (Board Director), Ali Abbas (Board Director), Ridjal Noor (Board Director) and Hasan Abdul Rahman (Board Director). Bottom row (from left): Shamir Wahid (Assistant Honorary Treasurer), Akber Ali (Honorary Treasurer), Abu Bakar Mohd Nor (Deputy President), Farid Khan (President), M A Akbar B M A Kader (Vice President), Fadilah A.Majid (Vice President), Fazli Mansor (Honorary Secretary) and Abdul Kadir (Assistant Honorary Secretary).

SMCCI is pleased to announce the newly appointed board of directors from 2019 – 2021. We would like to thank all attendees of SMCCI 60th AGM.

1) Farid Khan, Maxsurv Pte Ltd

Deputy President
1) Abu Bakar Mohd Nor, InfoFabrica Pte Ltd

Vice President
1) Fadilah A.Majid, SpaJelita Pte Ltd
2) M A Akbar B M A Kader, Nan Guan Construction Pte Ltd

Honorary Secretary
1) Fazli Mansor, ISGN Ventures Pte Ltd

Assistant Honorary Secretary
1) Abdul Kadir, OS Bagus Foodstuff

Honorary Treasurer
1) Akber Ali, AAA Assurance PAC

Assistant Honorary Treasurer
1) Shamir Wahid, Dayn Advisory LLP

Board of Directors
1) Ali Abbas, Singapore Hospitality Group Pte Ltd
2) Hasan Abdul Rahman, Pondok Abang
3) Imran Mohamad, The Leverage Group
4) Mohamed Nor Ismail, Amani Weddings Pte Ltd
5) Ridjal Noor, Pte Ltd
6) Saeid Labbafi, Aria Carpets Pte Ltd