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September 10, 2018
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May 6, 2019

Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry(SMCCI) is pleased to announce that the Chamber will be holding its 60th Annual General Meeting on 31st May 2019. The Chamber sought a strong line-up of candidates to fill the fourteen seats on the Board of Directors that are up for election this year. The following are the positions on the board that were open for nomination:

a) President
b) Deputy President
c) 2 Vice Presidents
d) Honorary Secretary
e) Assistant Honorary Secretary
f) Honorary Treasurer
g) Assistant Honorary Treasurer
h) 6 Board Directors

The nomination window opened on 5th April 2019 and a Nomination Committee, led by President Shamir Rahim, hosted Tea Sessions across 3 weeks, with nominees to respond to any questions they may have of the roles, duties and responsibilities expected of SMCCI’s Board of Directors, and also what to expect during AGM proceedings and thereafter.

Nominations officially closed on 26th April 2019, 12pm and SMCCI received a total of 26 applications which were deemed complete and eligible for candidacy at the upcoming elections. At the closure of the nomination period, the forms were then collated and inspected by the secretariat. The entire process was recorded and found to be in accordance by the observers.

Voting will subsequently take place on 31st May 2019 where all Ordinary and Professional Members of SMCCI will have the opportunity to vote for deserving members for elected seats on the Board of Directors.

List of candidates for election at SMCCI 60th AGM

1) Farid Khan, Maxsurv Pte Ltd

Deputy President
1) Abu Bakar Mohd Nor, InfoFabrica Pte Ltd

Vice President
1) Akbar Abdul Kader, Nan Guan Construction Pte Ltd
2) Dainial Sani Lim, Cayman Management Consultants Pte Ltd
3) Fadilah A.Majid, SpaJelita Pte Ltd

Honorary Secretary
1) Azlan Bunawi, Systemic Technology Pte Ltd
2) Fazli Mansor, ISGN Ventures Pte Ltd
3) Harasha Bafana, Adam & Hawa Network

Assistant Honorary Secretary
1) Abdul Kadir, OS Bagus Foodstuff
2) Shahidah Ayoob Angullia, Ilham Child Care Pte Ltd
3) Shakila Sham, Eatz 19 Pte Ltd
4) Taufiq Yahya, Kowabunga! Education Pte Ltd

Honorary Treasurer
1) Akber Ali, AAA Assurance PAC

Assistant Honorary Treasurer
1) Shamir Wahid, Dayn Advisory LLP

Board of Directors
1) Ali Abbas, Singapore Hospitality Group Pte Ltd
2) Azhar Mohamed Salleh, Zoul Nasi Ayam Penyet Pte Ltd
3) Hanafi Sam, NEU Entity Pte Ltd
4) Hasan Abdul Rahman, Pondok Abang
5) Imran Mohamad, The Leverage Group
6) Jamuri Busori, Ignite Incorporation Pte Ltd
7) Mohamed Nor Ismail, Amani Weddings Pte Ltd
8) Ridjal Noor, Pte Ltd
9) Rohaniah Mohamed, Jamil Catering and Trading Services LLP
10) Saeid Labbafi, Aria Carpets Pte Ltd
11) Shahrizan Ahad, CRC Pte Ltd
12) Zuraimi Jumaat, Pure and Good Management Pte Ltd